Cyberquery For QAD

Cyberquery for QAD (MFG/PRO) is a business intelligence and reporting solution that empowers QAD users and decision-makers to extract information from QAD when they want, how they want. 

Hundreds of companies using QAD have chosen Cyberquery as the best solution to break the barriers to their data. Cyberquery utilizes client/server and Internet technology to provide and distribute information to those who need it throughout the whole organization. A true enterprise-wide solution, Cyberquery enhances your investment in QAD.

Cyberquery is ideally suited to the QAD environment. It uses a high-performance native interface to the underlying Progress database - no ODBC, no middleware. It can query multiple databases of different types simultaneously, enabling it to integrate information from other systems with QAD. It can run in character terminals, under Windows and on the web, enabling its use on many different platforms and client infrastructures.

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