TailorPro For QAD

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TailorPro® lets your business define your system software, not the other way around

You know your business is unique. We know your system software must adapt to the unique behaviors that support your business. Unfortunately, most software systems are designed the other way around – in order to fit your work to their design, they limit the processes and functions of how your business can be organized. If you wanted to use, say, QAD®, you had to do it the QAD way. Not anymore.

TailorPro adapts QAD and other Progress applications to your unique and changing business requirements, with no changes to QAD source code, with the cost-effective Developers' Toolkit. Get expert advice for systems integration.

Non-Invasive Customizations

The more accurately your business system matches your business processes, the more effectively everyone can use the system to achieve critical business objectives. Every business performs standard tasks in slightly different ways, from order entry to pricing to shipping. Also adding to the challenge, these unique procedures change over time. No standard package can meet every customer’s needs.

Prior customization methods:

• Required intrusive modifications to the core application software and database.

• Expensive to perform the first time.

• Force “version lock” and hinder application of service packs and upgrades.

• Must be re-done even to apply a software patch.

With TailorPro, you are now able to enhance and adapt an application to match existing processes without creating invasive and costly customizations.

TailorPro enables you to handle your changing business needs on an ongoing basis by modifying the screens, business rules and data structures of the application; without any modification to source code or to the production database. Changes using TailorPro can be done in-house or by our Services team in a way that is both efficient and cost effective.

Get what you need

TailorPro is more than an incremental improvement in customization methodology. With our adaptation engine the process shifts from “What will I.T. let us do?” to “What makes business sense for us to do?” With TailorPro you really can have Your System, Your Way.

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