QAD Enterprise Application


Manufacturing ERP That Adapts As Your Business Evolves


Manufacturers need agility — to change processes, integrate acquisitions, meet customer requirements, introduce new products and comply with regulations. QAD adapts to any style of manufacturing and to the needs of all your geographic locations. Quality metrics, central model management and automated data collection ensure accurate, complete product and inventory information. Intuitive planning tools synchronize production to changing demand while built-in quality management helps you keep a sharp focus on excellence.

·         Run discrete, process, repetitive, lean or mixed-mode manufacturing

·         Simplify inventory processes and transactions

·         Simulate schedules with planner workbenches

·         Adopt built-in industry specific best practices

·         Support mass customization of products

·         Manage item quality inspections

·         Track and trace entire product genealogy

·         Use automated data collection

·         Run efficient warehouse operations

·         Plan preventive maintenance based on time or quantity completed

·         Manage MRO inventory

·         Increase forecast accuracy

·         Use flexible cost accounting with standard, actual and periodic methods

Solutions For International Finance


Designed for global companies of all sizes, QAD Financials supports your business with comprehensive controls, budgeting, analysis, and reporting tools. With built-in local languages and internationalization, it supports local business practices in more than 44 countries, including Brazil and China. QAD Cloud ERP supports IFRS and Multi-GAAP compliance for fast and accurate closing and reporting.

·         Support local business practices for 44 countries

·         Create Multi-GAAP and IFRS compliant reporting

·         Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, J-SOX and similar regulations

·         Enforce segregation of duties

·         Automate general ledger allocations, including multi-level and recursive allocations

·         Adopt financial shared services business model

·         Support complex business structures for global multi-nationals

·         Perform consolidations even when using multiple charts of accounts or different accounting calendars

·         Analyze and report against budgets

·         Use standard, actual or periodic cost accounting methods

·         Utilize daybooks and alternate charts of accounts, and use multiple category and analysis codes by account

·         Make electronic payments

·         Convert currency and report in any and all currencies

·         Calculate realized and unrealized gain or loss on currency

·         Select local language by user

Visibility Into Your Global Supply Chain

One of the most important predictors of a manufacturing company’s success is its supply chain, since customer satisfaction hinges on delivery performance. QAD demand and supply chain apps offer real-time decision support, letting you view, analyze and simulate supply chain data with fast calculations. With sophisticated forecast modeling and Single Click Collaboration with stakeholders, it’s faster and easier to plan, manage and control global supply chains, optimizing supply chain performance from raw materials to the end customer.

·         Analyze, simulate and understand the supply chain

·         Balance demand and supply

·         Improve product forecasts

·         Shape demand to optimize inventory usage

·         Leverage inventory at distribution centers

·         Reduce freight and logistics costs

·         Gain visibility into your global supply chain

·         Improve on-time delivery performance

·         Manage consignment inventory and trigger payment when used

·         Support VMI

·         Manage export paperwork

·         Monitor supplier performance



Streamlined Solutions for Customer Satisfaction

You need to deliver more than just a product to keep customers coming back — short order cycle times, perfect orders, self-service options, fast delivery, high quality, custom configurations, timely service, comprehensive support and accurate invoices. QAD Cloud ERP provides all this and more to help you keep customers satisfied.

·         Create custom configurations using a rules-driven product configurator and a customized product questionnaire that calculates complex inventory           requirements such as yardage or square footage, total price and margins

·         Enter orders and quotations quickly and easily

·         Provide visibility into order status and margins by customers, products, items and sites

·         Check ATP and credit during the order entry process

·         Utilize multiple price lists

·         Manage depot and on-site repair, service contracts and warranty fulfillment

·         Optimize technician productivity and assign the tech with the right skills and parts so you increase your calls closed on first visit

·         Enable field personnel to log activities remotely


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